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(a director/dp's bio)

Meet Steve Romano, the dynamic Director and DP at Craftworks, a powerhouse in commercial food and beverage filmmaking. Steve's known for his expertise in robotics, high-speed motion, and a playful focus on food and beverage. Together, Steve and Craftworks bring a confident and playful vibe to comprehensive commercial production solutions for brands and agencies in the food and beverage world.


Step into our 10,000 sq ft studio in Yonkers, where Steve owns and rocks a Bolt-X motion control robot, and we've got all the gear you could dream of, right in-house. No more hassle with renting and coordinating gear—more time and money saved for the good stuff.


Craftworks and Steve are the dream team when it comes to crafting visual narratives tailor-made for the food and beverage industries. Steve's mastery of food and liquids, combined with a flair for motion capture, gives your team a unique advantage to make a splash. Consider Steve and Craftworks your ultimate one-stop solution for commercial production. 

Steve's Reel

A man is riding a bike on a hill.

Bookings & Inquiries: