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Meet Matthew Lloyd, a dynamic photographer/director renowned for his captivating work in the beverage lifestyle space. With a keen eye for style and atmosphere, Matthew's portfolio spans people, drinks, lifestyle, and travel scenes, showcasing a versatile talent.


His distinctive use of color and light infuses his shots with an effortless elegance and style, evoking a classic yet contemporary feel reminiscent of the old masters. Matthew's recent focus has been on creating compelling imagery for beverage brands like Asahi Super-dry, Coca-Cola, Glenlivet, Johnnie Walker, and Slane Distillery.


Specializing in location portraiture and candid reportage, Matthew's lens captures the essence of his subjects, whether they're Hollywood stars, top executives, or everyday people. His work has graced the pages of major media outlets such as Bloomberg, The Guardian, and Sunday Times Magazine, earning him acclaim and recognition.


With three Young Photographer of the Year awards under his belt, Matthew continues to impress with his ability to seamlessly blend people and products, creating impactful visual narratives. From global brands to local enterprises, Matthew brings a unique vision and a touch of elegance to every project, leaving a lasting impression with his striking imagery.

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